So some of my friends said they’d meet me in the cafeteria later, and I sat there for 3 and a half hours thinking “if I leave, then they’ll come and I’ll have just missed them” and eventually that devolved into “i’m so sad and lonely, i need new friends” and the whole time I was sort of just doodling this. I started it in an islamic art lecture earlier this week I sort of fell asleep during but I worked on it more today and eventually some of my friends showed up, not the ones I was looking for but painfully glad to see somebody and Micah was like “WHOA, DI  D YOU DRAW THAT?!” and of course my hand was still on the paper but i’ll never know why people ask that and everyone was very impressed.

it’s not done but i like it so far. 

it’s a patio garden. 

feel free to delete commentary. by the way, i got into this sort of stuff junior year, maybe early senior year, i just came to really like doing it i suppose. i have hundreds of little versions of this sort of stuff.

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